I have professionally and personally known Sandy since she started in the business. She is one of the very few realtors that give her clients every bit of her energy, passion, honesty, compassion, patience, integrity, perseverance and authenticity. Sandy brings it to the table!! She works hard, she’s resourceful and she gets the job done and the transaction closed. In short, she is simply awesome. As a legal professional, I referred several clients to her. I sent her clients with issues relating to short sales, bankruptcies, impending foreclosures, tax issues and other difficult situations. She was always there to pick up the pieces for the clients and help them with the purchase or sale. Sandy knows how to handle anything and she has a vast array of contacts that give her a wealth of knowledge that you rarely find in a single realtor. When I needed help personally, I turned to Sandy to find a renter for a property; and she has assisted me in finding new rental properties too. I recommend Sandy for any transaction, big or small, easy or complicated. Her enthusiasm is infectious.